Fazil Iskander

russian and abkhaz writer, soviet and russian
novelist and poet

I've seen Diana Vouba's paintings at the exhibition as well as at the workshop. I am not a painter or a fine art expert; therefore, I estimate the painting as an ordinary spectator. I love her paintings. They are full of passion, inspiration, pain and Abkhazian colors.

I think art is able to imitate almost anything, but no one can ever hide the lack of inspiration, a sense of inner rightness as described by Osip Mandelstam. Diana Vouba's art is an inspired improvisation. But real improvisation, in my opinion, is only possible regarding the inner theme, which the artist is living through. It is only then that this improvisation shall not be converted into vociferous rhetoric. It is precisely the case here, and, therefore, Diana Vouba's paintings breathe of authenticity and give delight.