Over the past centuries the Abkhazian people faced a great number of challenges, standing on the threshold of an ethnic catastrophe more than once. But in the most crucial situations the centuries-old ancestors' traditions proved to be in social demand.

Fifteen years have passed since the victory of the Abkhazian people in the liberation war. Nowadays the unrecognized republic is rising from the ashes. Despite the economic blockade's dire conditions and the constant threat of a new war, gradually all spheres of the country's life are recovering. But most important is this generation that grew up during the postwar period. Who are they, what are they?

The Abkhazian students of Russian universities were invited to participate in the project. All young men and women that have responded to the invitation were included in the portraits and paintings photo gallery, those are wonderful young people brought up in the best traditions of the Abkhazians' moral culture.
Peering into their beautiful faces, one may confidently state that there is a future for Abkhazia!
They are united by a common goal, which is to acquire knowledge in order to further contribute into the development and prosperity of the independent Apsny. They hold responsibility for their own lives, and now their names are inscribed in the Abkhazian history.
Material: oil on canvas, 100x100 cm